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Madeira Island - The most beautiful island in the world

The Madeira island is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is of volcanic origin. It's unique and breathtaking landscape is dominated by rugged mountains, deep valleys and by the exotic and dense Laurisilva forest, classified by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site in 1999.


Discovered at the peak of the Portuguese maritime discoveries in 1419 by navigators João Gonçalves Zarco, Tristão Vaz Teixeira and Bartolomeu Perestelo, under the aegis of Henry the Navigator (Infante D. Henrique) is an integral part of the Portuguese territory, situated in the Atlantic ocean with an area of 728km, approximately 600km from the west coast of Morocco and 978km from the southwest coast of Lisbon. It benefits from a sub-tropical climate, characterised by micro-climates, markedly over the Atlantic Ocean, with mild temperatures throughout the year.

The Madeira archipelago is made up of the Island of Madeira, Porto Santo and the uninhabited islands of the Desertas and Selvagens.


Madeira is all about its people, revealing and discovering their roots, culture and traditions. The Madeira Wine is an excuse for exploring this rich and memorable cultural diversity. The wine culture produces a unique landscape of rare beauty, where the vineyard is planted in terraces known as "poios" ranging from the sea to the mountains, forming small hanging gardens in myriad of colours which vary between green, brown and red.

The Madeira Wine is much more than a wine, it represents the island itself, and is synonymous with quality and uniqueness and is appreciated all over the world.

The Madeira Wine is the true ambassador of the Madeira Island.

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