• Tobacco


    For lovers and enthusiasts, smoking a cigar accompanied by a Madeira wine is a moment of relaxation and great pleasure leading to a discovery of aromas and flavours. Boal also combines perfectly with pipe tobacco and with cigars. The sweet “Frasqueiras” are excellent with Havana cigars.

  • Sweet


    The Malvasia or Sweet Madeira Wine is delicious with tropical fruits and dried fruits, specially with walnuts and hazelnuts. It is gracious with dried fruit cakes and fruit tarts, “bolo de mel”, butter biscuits, dark or milk chocolate, pralines and petit-fours. It is equally elegant and combines very well with Portuguese cheese such as Serra, Serpa, Azeitão, Rabaçal and Ilha, as well as with blue cheese like Danish Blue, Roquefort, Stilton or Gorgonzola.

  • Medium Sweet

    Medium Sweet

    The Boal or Medium Sweet Madeira wine is harmonious with fresh tropical fruits, dried fruits, cakes and fruit tarts. It is perfect to accompany with soft cheeses and matured cheese. Delicate with cheese or wild fruits soufflés. It reveals itself exotic with milk chocolate, pralinés, petit-fours, fresh cream cakes and the traditional Madeira honey cake “bolo de mel”.

  • Medium Dry

    Medium Dry

    The Verdelho or Medium Dry Madeira Wine is also excellent as an aperitif. It combines perfectly with olives, toasted almonds and dried fruits. Pleasant with consommé, fresh cream soups and onion soup au gratin. It is equally exuberant with Serrano ham or smoked meat, terrines and curd cheese, mushrooms with garlic or stuffed, and tasty with duck or goose pâté de foie-gras.

  • Dry


    The Sercial or Dry Madeira wine is an excellent aperitif. Goes well with olives, toasted almonds, caviar or smoked salmon canapés and hors-d'oeuvre with mayonnaise. It is equally subtle with smoked fish like salmon, sword fish, tuna or black scabbard, shellfish, sushi or fish mousses, and delicate with fresh goat or sheep cheeses.

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