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    H. M. Borges - A Wine with History.
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    H. M. Borges - A Wine with Culture.
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    H. M. Borges - A Wine with Tradition.
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    H. M. Borges - A Wine with Quality
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    H. M. Borges - A Wine with Culture.

The "Levadas" (watercourses) elegantly wind around the slopes of the island

The construction of the "levadas" began with the settlement of the islands, composed of 2150 km of channels, of which 40 km are in tunnels. Nowadays the "levadas" plays an important role in the diversification and tourism offer. Whoever travels along these watercourses, will never forget the exotic beauty hidden inside the island.


The harvests - The celebration of the harvest


The harvest is the most awaited time of the year for farmers and businesses on the Island of Madeira. The grape harvest is carried out between mid-August and mid-September, after a year of hard work. This is a moment that everyone has been waiting for. The grape harvest allows Winemakers to predict the quality of the harvest and the full potential to produce wines of excellent quality. Grapes are hand picked and transported in boxes that are preserve them and ensure sanitary control, avoiding the crushing or premature fermentation of the grapes before arriving at our wine cellar.

In Madeira island, the harvest is a time of celebration that involves the whole family. This celebration is even more important when it becomes one of the most important tourist destinations in the Region, involving the locals and the tourists that visit us.

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