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Nature in perfect union with Man's expertise

The landscape of the Wine-Growing region of Madeira is unique and characterised by sharp hilly terrain. The cultivated area is man-made. On the southern slopes of the island, the landscape was transformed into a giant stairs where the Levadas or watercourses run along. On the northern slopes, cultivated land forms a sort of patchwork, cut off by abrupt cliffs. These terraced slopes which are known as "poios", that man knew how to imbue in nature, create a harmonious and unique landscape.

The size of the Madeira Wine-Growing region is approximately 400 hectares, distributed in small plots. The main Wine-Growing Municipalities are Câmara de Lobos on the Southern coast and São Vincent and Santana which are both situated on the Northern coast. The vineyard stretches through the "poios" from the coast to the mountains, supported by stone walls and by stone narrow stairs, preventing the intervention of machinery.

This whole cultivation of vines process is carried out by the farmers who produce the grapes that companies buy to make the Madeira Wine with their expertise and dedication. H.M. Borges, Lda works directly with farmers based on a relationship built on trust and sharing. Some of these farmers belong to younger generations who continued the legacy of previous generations.

The vineyard is traditionally planted in a "Latada" (trellised vine) system where the vines are laid horizontally on wires and suspended from the ground by stakes. The second half of the 20th century saw the introduction of espalier vines, typically applied on land with gentler slopes. The specific conditions of the soil of volcanic origin, the proximity to the sea, combined with the climatic conditions as well as the unique production process give the wine unique and singular characteristics.

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