malvasia 20 anos

H.M. Borges Malvasia 20 Years Old

Wine Maker: Ivo Couto. 

Alcohol content:: 20.0 % Vol.
Degree of sweetness:: 5.2 Baumé
Volatile acidity: 0.84 gr/litre.
Total acidity: 8.20 gr/litre.
Non-reducing extract: 34.3 gr/litre.

Grape Variety: Exclusively from Malavazia grapes, harvested in S.Jorge, on the north coast of the Madeira Island, in the municipality of Santana. Winemaking by fermentation of skins, in barrels, enabling alcoholic fermentation.

Stage:  In 650 litre American and French oak barrels to bottling. This Madeira Wine is blended with an average age of 20 years, originating from the best wines of this grape variety that age in our cellars in Funchal and today are part of our valuable stock.

Tasting notes

Colour: Brownish/topaz, acquired through the contact with old oak, with orange shades.

Nose: Intense aroma of exotic wood. Notes of honey, tobacco, spices, chocolate, vanilla and toasted almonds. With a slight iodine aroma.

Tasting Note: The taste is inebriating, engaging, from the very nature of the wooden barrel, rich and complex. Notes of dried fruit, vanilla, caramel and curry, among others. Well-structured acidity and body in harmony with the sweetness and tannins.

Gastronomy: Graceful and attractive for any occasion. Especially at the end of the meal as a digestive par excellence. Serve at temperatures up to 18º C.


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